911 Eyewitness Hoboken


9/11 – Missing Links ( full movie ) – YouTube

«Now you will discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video. The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 «Truth» movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminal group who masterminded the attacks. As they say, ‘if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.’ Utilizing evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to.»




Ένα ντοκιμαντέρ αποτελούμενο από τρία μέρη το οποίο προσπαθεί να αποσαφηνίσει την πυγή της χριστιανικής πίστης και το πως αυτή βοηθάει στην άσκηση του ελέγχου στις μάζες, το πώς οι τράπεζες έχουν πάρει τον έλεγχο της κοινωνίας μας κατά την διάρκεια του 20ου αιώνα και τέλος πως αυτά τα δύο συνδέονται με όλους τους πολέμους του 20ου και 21ου αιώνα.


The Truth And Lies Of 911 – Michael Ruppert (2004)

This pioneering, groundbreaking expose of 9-11 painted a stark and accurate picture of our world today and TOMMORROW. Mike’s introduction “connects the dots.”


Loose Change – Final Cut 2007 (Full Length)

Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas bring you the most powerful 9/11 Documentary yet.

Loose Change Final Cut is the third installment of the documentary that asks the tough questions about the 9/11 attacks and related events.

This movie hopes to be the catalyst for a new independent investigation, in which the family members receive answers to their questions, and the TRUE PERPETRATORS of this horrendous crime are PROSECUTED and PUNISHED.